SoClean CPAP Cleaning Machine

SoClean 2 Automated CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Device

SoClean CPAP Cleaner and SanitizerAs with all medical machinery, CPAPs need to be cleaned on a regular basis both to keep the user healthy and for the machine to continue working properly. After all, lugging a bulky machine to the bathtub and back every time it needs to be cleaned can get old in a hurry. This cleaning exercise becomes even more challenging when the user of the CPAP is an older individual who cannot lift heavy objects due to health concerns. Cleaning the attachable breathing mask is easier since it can disconnect from the main machine, so many people think they are covered. But what about the main part of the machine? Should you allow your CPAP machine to collect dust and dirt?

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No way! You already have to deal with a CPAP machine, you should not have to worry about how to clean said machine!
SoClean CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer gets into all the crevices of your CPAP machine and sanitizes the entire machine – from hose to breath mask to reservoir – without you having to do a lot of lifting and scrubbing. Sounds pretty good so far, right?
SoClean gets even better!
Instead of using soap, water, and other cleaning products that could be harmful when ingested, SoClean uses a sanitation compound similar to ones found in hospitals to ensure the user’s health. In fact, SoClean¬†CPAP cleaner and sanitizer uses activated oxygen – yes, oxygen, the same chemical you inhale in order to breath – to clean out growing mold and leftover viruses expelled from your breath while you sleep. Now, you no longer have to worry about inhaling cleaning chemicals!
The SoClean machine hooks up to nearly every type of CPAP machine, making it simple to use.

At this point, you understand what SoClean IS but not exactly what it DOES and HOW it will save you time. Here are the basics:
1. When you wake up in the morning, simply place your breathing mask – with the hose still attached – into the SoClean machine.
2. Close the lid.
3. Watch in awe as the SoClean machine automatically turns itself on – you do not even need to press a button to start the system – and activates the oxygen.
4. The activated oxygen is pushed through your mask into the hose, cleaning all the while. Finally, the activated oxygen is pushed into the reservoir where it completes the cleaning process.
5. When you need to use the CPAP machine again, simply remove the mask from inside the SoClean machine and put on your mask. No more waiting for the mask and hose to dry!
In case you need a refresher – or you just enjoy skipping to the end of articles – here is a quick summary:
The SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer  allows for quick and easy CPAP cleaning without the hassle of using cleaning chemicals and water. Instead, activated oxygen is forced through the breath mask, into the attached hose, and shoved into the reservoir. This activated oxygen cleans better than regular soap and water because it reaches those hard-to-get places, cleaning the machine of any built-up mold or leftover viruses. SoClean machines fit almost all types of CPAP machines so you do not have to hunt around to find a machine that works for you.
So save yourself some frustration and let the SoClean machine take care of your CPAP!